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What is the butterfly effect of your leadership?

There are only two ways to motivate people into action; inspiration (intrinsic), or manipulation (extrinsic).

Another way to say this would be, are you coming into work everyday because you love what you learn while you are there (intrinsic)? Or, are you coming into work everyday to collect the cheque (extrinsic)?

“Intrinsic motivation is conducive for creativity;
controlling extrinsic motivation is detrimental to creativity”

Dan Pink – Author of Drive & TED Sensation “The Puzzle of Motivation”

If your workplace motivates you by offering a higher salary, performance bonuses, and/or the prospect of career progression, its likely that whilst you strive to be better than your fellow colleagues, you are actually harming the overall capability of the business as a whole.

If however, your workplace motivates you because you understand the impact of your work for the end customer, and you understand how your team benefits the business overall, your behaviour will always be focused on what is best for the capability of the business as a whole.

From what you see everyday of your department, and from what you hear when speaking to your colleagues, are you magnetising your people towards your outcomes because you all believe in its majesty?

Or, do you feel that your direct reports and extended team members are following your direction blindly, with hopes of higher pay and the chance for career progression?


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